Jeff Morrow - Workcycle Rider

Jeff chatted with me outside, so the audio isn't 100%. I still think Jeff had a ton of great ideas!


Jeff rides a Workcycle. See it here:

I only discovered that this exists by accident, because it's not for sale in the United States, where people seem to think you'd never want to take a child on a bike in lousy weather. But we're an all-weather riding family, and this helps ensure that cold and rain don't stop us. From November through March, this is indispensable.

More European stuff (but at least you can buy these in the U.S.) The company that makes my cargo bike, WorkCycles, is big into these bags, and they're wonderfully simple. They're just big, empty bags that stay permanently on the bike, so you can put a backpack, a grocery bag, or whatever else in there. When traveling with a kid, I find myself most often with a backpack of his stuff that I just put in the pannier, ride, then take out. Very simple.

Once you're carting around a child and all their stuff, you've given up on weight. This lock is super heavy, but it's also incredibly secure and, what makes it special, it can reach just about anywhere, which is important when you're locking up to all kinds of different things (streetposts, parking meters, inverted-U bike racks, comb-style bike racks, etc.), sometimes from weird angles.

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