Jenny Harper on Nifty Gadgets for Family Bikers

I was super excited to chat with Jenny today as my first guest. You can listen to the podcast here:
Gadgets Mentioned:     
1. Shellaclavas for the kids during winter months--they provide warmth without making it harder to put on their helmets. $27.99 Link 

2. An extra large basket on my porter rack--this makes grabbing and going so much easier when picking up the kids and running errands rather than clipping things on or securing them otherwise. $49 Link 

3. LED bike rope lights--I have these on both my front tire and around the hooptie bars. They provide a ton more visibility in the winter months, are a good back up when a rechargeable light goes out, and they make the bike feel extra fun and festive.  Link
4. A Nats flag. It wasn't meant to be practical, but I secured a flag to the rear Yepp seat during the playoff run last year, and now it's now a permanent fixture, and I think it provides a little extra visibility for the bike. The kids and I spread our Natitude everywhere we go! Link
Jenny Harper grew up in Iowa, but moved to DC to work on Capitol Hill. She’s now a Vice President at the Council for a Strong America, a non-profit working to ensure the next generation grows up healthy, educated, and prepared for success. Jenny is also a certified group fitness instructor and runs her own outdoor boot camp in Navy Yard. Jenny lives in Southwest, DC with her husband and their two young children. She teachs an outdoor boot camp in Navy Yard from March through December. It's great cross training to stay in biking shape, and I'm going to be adding some weekend family boot camp sessions in 2020 to get the entire family involved in fitness.


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