Katherine White - Tern GSD/Bakfiet Rider

Katherine White's episode can be heard here or where ever you find your podcasts.

Katherine and her crew have two bikes: Tern GSD and her first love, the Babocity Mountain.

(1) I use inexpensive velcro stroller mits at Pogies on my handle bars in the winter. Bonus, I can use them on the stroller too!

(2) I have a rain tent for my bakfiets that keeps the kids warm and dry, but I wear this poncho in the rain. Its lightweight in the summer and fits over my coat in the winter. The stripes are very visible and I get compliments all the time.

(3) Before we had a bakfiets and rain tent, I'd dress my toddler in a Tuffo Muddy Buddy suit when it rained. It looks like a hazmat suit, but fit well over his coat (if it was cold) and his helmet. https://tuffo.com/muddy-buddy/

(4) I didn't want to wear a hi-vis vest over my coat, but my coat is black so I got a reflective sash that my bike keys can clip to and it's been really useful! https://moonsash.com 

(5) I don't like panniers and I didn't want the bulk of a basket on the front of my Tern (it was meant to be my streamlined commuter bike) so I hang our bags onto the sidekick bars with S-biner clips.

Katherine White is an architect and mother of two kids, 5-year-old son and an18-month-old daughter. She lives in DC, but from 2015 to 2017, she lived car-free with her husband and toddler son in the Netherlands. That experience fully converted her to Dutch-style cycling as her primary mode of transportation. She now rides an electric bakfiets cargobike on weekends and commutes on a Tern GSD.

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