Montana Harkin - Former Yuba El Mundo Rider

Montana Harkin is a father of two and a Software Engineer in Seattle. He is married to his partner, Erin. Montana is an avid cyclist, skier, and bike mechanic. Montana works on Amazon Photos, building ”delightful” experiences for customers. Pro tip: Amazon Prime comes with unlimited photo storage. 

He also use to carry a wrench to undo the rear wheel so he could patch the tire if needed. Side note, gator skin road tires are amazing.

2. Wool Skirt shawl
Perfect cold weather insulation for rides. Buy a wool skirt from your local thrift shop. Cut it open and add a button to close.

3. DIY vestibule. 
PVC pipe, clear plastic, zip ties, metal snaps 
I built this for the Seattle rain and it worked great. Kept us riding through the winter. I zip tied it to the monkey bars on our Mundo.
I love this thing. Super useful. Hangs off the rear rack. Holds so much for its size. Sturdy. Great for shopping.

Current Project:
I’m building a DIY Long John Cargo bike. I saw Phil Vandelay’s video,, and plans and decided it was awesome and for me. I didn’t want to spend $2k on a Larry vs Harry. I also saw a video of someone cycling with their dog and need to build it even more now.


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